DOV portret

DENOLDERVLEUGELS Architects & Associates was founded in 2010 by architects Bas den Older (1971) and Florentijn Vleugels (1971), both graduated in 1996 from the Technical University Eindhoven in the fields of Architecture and Urbanism. In the period 1996-2008 both have worked as project architects on prominent projects at renowned firms in Amsterdam and Eindhoven.


DENOLDERVLEUGELS is synonymous with exclusive homes, country houses, villas and apartments with a recognizable contemporary signature. Both for private and business clients at home and abroad. We believe in the harmony between the residents and their home. The unique way we combine traditional with modern makes our homes timeless classics.

We design with lots of light, transparency and spaciousness, and an optimal relationship between inside and outside. All this is combined with high quality materials and nuanced warm atmospheric tones. We integrate house, interior, garden & wellness and take care of the entire process from design to realization. 


The process is carried out in phases, creating a controlled process in which surprises are avoided and costs can be controlled. This is done on the basis of an open and transparent dialogue between client and architect. Each project is clearly different and a result of this dialogue, where we find out what the specific question is for which an appropriate, always unique, answer is found. The timeless character of our homes provides clear added value and value retention. We stand for quality and a great sense of well-being for the residents. The projects reflect the identity of the families and residents. People 'come home' in our homes and feel secure.

DENOLDERVLEUGELS has a permanent core within a network of Associates with experienced people functioning at an academic work and thinking level. Our people are team players: result-oriented and driven by craftsmanship. For each project, we weigh the occupation of the team against the necessary competencies and specialties needed to create an optimally tuned team.