DENOLDERVLEUGELS Architects & Associates, Eindhoven, The Netherlands, focuses on designing innovative, luxurious villas, residential buildings and apartments, both contemporary and traditional, tailored to the tastes and needs of the client. The practice remains at the forefront of design by exploring new forms, pushing the boundaries and evolving with technology, without compromising on the authenticity of the design, aesthetics, materials and originality.


We are a full service architecture and design firm known for its intellect in design, inventiveness, craftsmanship, and details. The work is rooted in deep-seated virtues of architecture – generous space making, shrewd manipulation of day-lighting, and meticulous attention to detail. The heightening of direct human experience and the framing of the complex circumstances of their situations are at the core of each project. We believe that great architecture should deepen our everyday experience at the same time that it elevates our awareness of a larger, changing world.

The practice specializes in precise and creative buildings, landscapes and interiors that sensitively respond to their environment and ecologies of place. Our commitment to enhance and protect both the cultural and natural environments of the communities we serve is evident in the technical craftsmanship of our designs and in the long-term sustainability of our projects. We promote an ecological responsive design that acknowledges the impact of finite resources as a positive contributor in the creation of an ethical architecture. It compels, informs and guides our choices and recommendations during project development strategies, programming, product selection, detailing, specification of materials. Our approach to sustainable design goes beyond logistical and mechanical elements, to create an architecture that is uplifting to its users and in harmony with its cultural context and natural surroundings.


Partners Bas den Older and Florentijn Vleugels are head of a team of outstanding architects and designers that deliver the highest level of project management, service and design. Our approach is client and site specific as we seek to uncover the inherent spirit of place and personality. A collaborative process with clients, builders, consultants and fabricators further encourages a specialized process and leads to individual and unexpected solutions to each project posed.


The attention to all elements of design has been a constant in the firm’s philosophy. Since 2010, the firm has received several regional and national awards. The work has also been widely featured in national and international publications including The Art of Living, Homify Canada, Manners, Bestofinteriors, Aeccafe, HOOG design, as well as our annual book, 'DENOLDERVLEUGELS Residential', last published in 2019.