Voor Transport Marcel Depaire is een uitbreiding/restyling van het bestaande magazijn en kantoor te Mollem (Brussel) gerealiseerd. De bestaande gevels zijn vervangen. Daarbij werd de noordgevel voorzien van een volledig transparante vliesgevel waardoor representatieve open en lichte werkruimtes ontstaan. De glasgevel is omkaderd door een stalen luifel die naadloos overgaat in de metalen gevelbekleding. DOV verzorgde zowel het ontwerp als de bouwaanvraag en werkbegeleiding in BelgiĆ«. 

EN / By Marcel de Paire: The Transports Marcel De Paire has been set up in 1964 through Marcel De Paire beginning in national transport across Belgium. The boom of the Steel industry and the opening-up to other countries, mainly France, brought a new dimension to the company in the seventies. Nadine De Paire, daughter of Marcel, decided to join the company in 1981. At the end of the eighties automotive manufacturers like VW and Renault became part of the customers. In this period, Just In Time delivery systems were set up and spread out over the whole of the industries. Since the beginning of 1998, we invest in a warehouse giving our customers the possibility of storing and handling their products, preparing their orders and deliveries. In 2014, we decided to extend our facilities by investing to increase our warehousing capacity with a new best-in-class & eco-friendly building. Since 60 years, the Transports Marcel Depaire is a well established company thanks to its high level customer satisfaction; providing the best solution for national and international transports and satisfying your logistical needs. 

Recommendation: "We warmly recommend DENOLDERVLEUGELS Architects & Associates for the professional, competitive and smart solutions they provided us. The perfect coordination of all subcontractors and the quality of their work allows us to focus on our business and seeing the evolution of the building construction. We wish all the Best to DENOLDERVLEUGELS Architects & Associates and we will not hesitate to stay in touch for future potential projects."


OPDRACHTGEVER: Transport Marcel Depaire NV-SA 
AANNEMER: Remco Ruimtebouw BV 
INSTALLATEUR: Van Panhuis Installatietechniek BV 
AFBOUW: DAS wandsystemen BV 
INTERIEURBOUW: Lemmens Interieurs 
MEUBILAIR: DVO Italia & Herman Miller

PHOTOGRAFIE: Michael van Oosten